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Recycled plastic is used in place of wood and has known load bearing capacities and a 50 year warranty against splitting, rotting, absorption and mould.



Unlike wood, plastic offers a stable, predictable and high load capacity which ultimately deforms only slowly under extreme load, because of the homogenous material used. According to surveys, safety seems to be the main driver in the switch away from wooden blocks, which audibly crack under high loads. However, environmental issues and the simple economics of paying a little more for a product with a 50 year warranty are also becoming strong incentives.

The plastic system will not splinter and does not absorb most fluids. The system is also easily customized into special shapes to create ramps and irregular shapes.

Ecological and Safe Cribbing Blocks - find out more

A 1lb (450gram) tool dropped just 10 feet would hit you with a mass equivalent to 21 stone (135 kg) in under 1 second!

Regulation 116: Falling objects

116. An employer shall—

1.  (a) take suitable and sufficient steps to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, the fall of any material or object where necessary to prevent injury to any employee,

2.  (b) where it is not practicable to prevent the fall of any material or object as referred to in paragraph (a), take suitable and sufficient steps to prevent any person being struck by any falling material or object that is liable to cause injury,


“However, all Employers have a Duty of Care to keep their employees and those around them safe from harm.  This means that if an employee or member of the public can be injured from a falling object, that the risk must be eliminated.”


Problem:how can you ensure that the tools we use cannot cause injury or death if dropped from height?

Solution:the tool@rrest system of lanyards and tool tethers that can be fitted to existing tools (in most cases) and supplied with new tools.

Ecological - and safe!

Safety Harnesses and Tool Arrest Sets

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